What is Istikhara ?

Istikhara is an Islamic method that is done to take consent of Allah SWT for any kind of task. When any person is going to do some important task of the life and he/she is not clear that, whether the specific work which he/ she is doing, will yield positive results or not then he/she can ask Almighty Allah SWT for the same. After reading Istikhara that person gets the consent of Allah SWT through the dream of some sign in his / her daily life. You can ask for anything to Allah SWT by reading Istikhara and almighty will guide you that what is perfect for you. In case you are having options for some specific work and you are confused to choose one then you can take help of the Istikhara Dua and can get best idea from the side of almighty. You can say that Istikhara is the way to get suggestion from the side of Allah SWT for any kind of your personal issue. It is advised that everyone should do Istikhara before doing something important in life. Purposes for which Istikhara is read:- -To know about the future incidents. -To take best suggestion from the side of Allah. -To know about the perfect option for you. -To know about your future marriage. -To take best decision for you. -To know about the future partner.

من پسند شادی کا استخارہ

کالا جادو کا توڑ

طلاق کے مسائل کا استخارہ

صحت کے مسائل کا استخارہ

گھریلو ناچاکی کا استخارہ

کاروباری مسائل کا استخارہ

ہماری چند بہترین سروسز

کلائنٹس ریویو اینڈ ریٹنگ

کلائنٹ کاؤنٹر
کلائنٹ ریویؤس
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