Dushman se Hifazat ka Wazifa

The Wazifa of protection from the enemy

There is hardly any such doubt in this world that no one gets jealous, it is not an enemy. No matter how good you are, some enemy is sitting in the world who wants your bad. If you have such an enemy in your eyes, then you must read the prayer of protection from the enemy. And Insha Allah, you will live in peace.

In today’s time, there is an enemy of an innocent man. Even if you do not wish to harm anyone yourself, but take a look and see, then many people want your bad. In such a situation, a person can only pray to Allah Mian for the protection of himself and his close ones. Surely Allah Talah will not let your prayer of protection from the enemy go unpunished and will save you from all troubles and troubles that come your way.

Even if your enemy attacks you spiritually, then physical, Insha Allah, every one of us will be a failure. Prayer for protection from the enemy is a very effective and Quranic trick to protect yourself from your enemy. If your enemy burns with your every star or small evil pleasure, then sometimes his evil eye is enough to destroy you. That’s why you pray to get rid of the enemy and get rid of your enemy as soon as possible. Insha Allah, any attack on you by your enemy will fail. Barkat, happiness, and prosperity will come again in your house and you will never suffer any kind of loss

The prayer of protection from the enemy

Dushman sa hifazt ka liye wazifa

prayer of protection from the enemy

It often happens that your enemy wants to destroy you and wants to give you too much. If your enemy is hurting you even after you have done nothing and is troubling you in every way, then you may pray to Allah to be in peace and stay away from the stipend. This wazifa will help you to change the mind and heart of your enemy. You will see that he will fail to give you any small favors and you will keep us safe in front of him.

wazifa of protection from the enemy

If your enemy is doing cruelty on you and even after stopping by you, he is not stopping but is also answering your peace with blows, then you should not be upset. You should do the wazifa for protection from the enemy. This enemy protection wazifa is very effective and will get you out of your enemy’s clutches. No leniency of your enemy will have any effect and you will be under the protection of Allah


wazifa , wazifa for enemy projection

prayer of protection from the enemy

Sometimes your enemy hates you till he kills you. If your enemy also intends to put you in danger, then you should do your best to save yourself. Surely, the one who is guarded by Allah himself, what little one will find him. You take the help of dua to be safe from the enemy. And Insha Allah, Allah Taalah himself will make the way easy for you and make your enemy in trouble. Your enemy will never even take the thought of making you small again.

You should ask all of our molvi to stay safe from the enemy. Because this issue is very serious, so you are requested to do it all without molvi. I have talked to you, do not start wearing Wazifa. Insha Allah he will tell you the prayer to get rid of the most distant enemy, which will end your problems. The way he tells it is the same, otherwise you have the power to get into trouble. Because this is a mujrab prayer, therefore it is imperative to take permission.

prayer of protection

Don’t be upset at all, Allah will take revenge on your enemy for cruelty committed to you. Just keep praying for protection from your enemy. If you want, you can also pay a stipend for protection from the body of the enemy. This will protect you from all evil thoughts and actions of your enemy forever, Subhan Allah.

If you want, first of all, talk to an Islamic astrologer. If you talk to an astrologer, then your purpose will get a better way. He will apply for you from the Quran and tell you the best of the best. You should talk to them in the bare face of the blows you had for your enemy and then know their opinion. You can know from them the stipend of protection from the body of the enemy. This wazifa is very effective and it will help you in fulfilling your prayer to be safe from the enemy, Amen!

Prayer for protection from the enemy

Dushman Se Nijat Pane Ki Dua

After performing every namaz, you keep it for 7-7 times and by looking at your enemy, ask Allah Ta’ala for the protection of yourself and your family members. Insha Allah, your protection will remain intact.

If you are in danger from your enemy, then you need to act better. For this, you should tell our molvi to everyone. Insha Allah, he will show you the most and most reasonable way to get rid of your enemy’s suffering. Don’t worry, your enemy will be wasted the life of Allah’s command. So please your Lord, and give all your troubles to him as a thief.

Dushman Se Mehfooz Rehne Ki Dua

A proper way has been given to pray for being safe from the enemy:

  • Do it twice in the morning and evening.
  • You are two times beyond Durood for 7-7 times.
  • “Allah Humma Salle Aala Sayyidina Muhammadin Sahibil Farki Waal Furkaniwa Ja Mi’ Il Wa Ra Ki Wa Munzilihi Min Samyil Qurani Wa Aala Ali Muhammadiw Waslamun”
  • In sha Allah, you will protect us from your enemy and be in peace.
  • And if you have the intention of revenge in your heart, then Allah will take your revenge from your enemy.

If you do not get the effect of implementation in 7 days, then you should talk to an Islamic astrologer immediately. In Sha Allah, you will never need to be bothered by your enemy. All your works which will be bigger because of your enemy will be done automatically

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