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Marriage Istikhara

Marriage Istikhara

Online Free Marriage Istikhara
Love marriage is a term used primarily  in Pakistan, UK to describe a marriage where the individuals love each other.
Black Magic Istikhara
Black magic has traditionally referred to the use of supernatural powers or magic for evil and selfish purposes.
couple dispute

Couple Dispute Istikhara

Online Free Couple Dispute Istikhara
Couples with poor conflict resolution skills typically engage in Fight, Flight, or Freeze behaviors.
Court Case Problem
Court is a place from where everyone wants to keep distance. As we all know court case means to spend huge money on every date and it takes too long time to have justice.
Rohani Ilaj for Incurable diseases
Are you uncertain about any important decision of your life?You then must trust our internationally well renowned spiritual preacher PROFESSOR MOLANA SHABIR ATTARI for the help and guideline.
Challenges Every Business Faces.  Cash,Borrowing, Competition, Marketing and Customer loyalty, Problem solving and Risk Management.