Ghar Ma kharo Barkat ka liye Dua

Pray for blessing at home

Nowadays, deficiency of food is too common. We are unable to find a job or fulfill our requirements. We can earn countless money or food but we have sensitive thinking about our fate and reality, start to dishearten and lose everything which is gotten by struggle. We start to feel ashamed of ourselves by our doings or by our luck.

Now we should be happy because we can change everything by Rohani wazifa, it can turn bad deeds into good deeds. We can feel proud of ourselves and our luck. Where we call his countless rewards which are given to us then Allah starts to be happy with us then cause of Barkat in our house.


  • Many persons are facing a lot of problems regarding deficiency of Barkat in house, job, food, etc. Some people have a deficiency of food, some people have business problems and some of have unemployed.
  • Then start the dua to get barkat in your house or your business. It’s too easier and easier to get remembered.
  • First of all, the month of Hijri means to say, first Jumma or Hijri month, you have to read this dua. After that, we can perform this wzifa every Friday.
  • In the first Jumma of Hijri months, you perform the ayat no.54, 55, and 56 of surah e Yousef.
  • This ayat you have to perform at least three times.
  • Same as you have to perform this wazifa at the Salah of Assar and eisha then pray with God to get Barkat in your home.
  • And when you go to sleep on your bed then, perform the “LA ILAAH ILLALAH” 100 times. If you are in wazuu condition it will be better for you.
  • Then 100 times perform “ALLAH HU AKBER”.
  • Then 100 times you have to perform “ALHMDULILAH”
  • Then you have to perform “SUBHANALLAH”100 times.
  • Then you have to perform “ALLAH HU AKBER”100 times
  • Then you have to perform 100 times “ALHMDULILAH”.


After the whole procedure then you sleep and Allah will help you to get success in every stage of professional life. This wazifa has no specific time, you can perform at any place or any time, and because it is full beneficial and it will help you to get an easier way to your success. This all depends upon you, you have to perform continuously or just on Friday. After a week you will get a positive response Insha’Allah.

kharo Barkat ka liye Dua in Quran

یَااَللّٰهُ یَاسَمِیْعُ یَاعَلِیْمُ یَاسَرِیْعُ الْحِسَابِ

یَاوَاسِعُ یَاعَدْلُ یَاعَلِیّ

یَاعَظِیْمُ یَامُتَعَالُ یَاعَزِیْزُ

یَاغَفُوْرُ یَابَاعِثُ یَافَعَّالٌ لِّمَا یُرِیْدُ

یَارَافِعُ یَامُعِیْدُ یَامَانِعُ

یَانَافِعُ یَاجَامِعُ یَابَدِیْعُ


The whole discussion is concluded that we can do this continuously to get Barakat in our house. But the main thing I notice is that females cannot do this wazifa at period’s condition because wazifa is a paak method, we should stay way in the napak condition. You will get a positive response in terms of belief in this wazifa and you have a firm belief in your GOD. If you have a strong belief you can change and do everything. Allah paak will create easier way Insha’Allah then you will easy to get success.

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