kala jadu karne wale ki pehchan ka wazifa

Recognition of black magic

Black magic comes like a disaster, the victim of which can be a person or the whole family. The attack of this dangerous magic is all-around.

Mental confusion, the tension in mutual relationships, unforeseen events-accidents, quarrels, illness, lawsuits, loss of money, financial crisis, even can lead to death.

When disaster starts coming one after the other, then the more a person tries to recover, the more he goes on getting into his swamp. It is an invisible attack by a crooked and bad-tempered person on another human being for his selfishness.

Unless it is identified who has done black magic, it cannot be eradicated. Along with its identification, the method of elimination has also been given in the Islamic stipend.

That wazifa is very easy. A person in its grip should read the verse of Daroode Ibrahim thrice and then 41 times before going to bed at night on any day.

After that, after reciting Daroode Ibrahim thrice again, one should suffocate on the water. Half of that water should be sprinkled in every corner of the house and the rest of the water should be given to all the members of the family along with drinking it.

Recognition of black magicBy doing this inshallah, the face of the person doing black magic will be seen in the dream on the same night. If this is not done in one go, then this wazifa should be done continuously for seven days with full devotion. With this stipend, it is also possible to cut black magic.


Wazifa for Black Magic Removal, Kala Jadu ka tor, Kala jadu,

The benefits of eliminating black magic

Like if a woman wants to do it, then she should not do it during menstruation. First of all, read Durood-e-Abrahim 11 times. After that recite the verses of Surah Falak, Surah Naas 101 times. After that, apply magic to the affected person. Do this wazifa in the morning and evening and keep doing it till the change is seen in the victim.

Read Surah Palak 20-20 times a day. If possible, put its map in the neck as well. By sprinkling the dead water in the workplace due to this stipend, business obstacles can be removed.

Many times the person doing black magic on whom he casts this magic sends Jinnat in his body. Jinnat takes that person under his control. If you want to treat such a person, then you have to take some precautions.

During the process of removing black magic, you can also come in contact with the jinn who wants to talk to you (through the patient’s mouth) in this matter, you ask them simple 5 questions (which we will discuss below) And keep in mind that they have no fear of your strictness! They will use every trick to scare you but remember, nothing hurts you without the permission of Allah.

And to avoid black magic, keep lemon in your head while sleeping and throw it in some uninhabited place the next morning. By doing this you will be protected from the evil eye.

By drinking the holy water brought from the mosque, its effect lasts for 24 hours. During this time there will be no effect of any kind of black magic on you. it is said that the person who offers prayers five times with restrictions, does not have the effect of black magic.

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